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‘Some legends are told. Some turn to dust or to gold. But you will always remember Julius Caesar!!’ Julius Caesar has been called a political mastermind. He helped build the ancient Roman Empire and expand their land. His Palace in Las Vegas was built August 5, 1966. Come along with us on a Time Warp back to The Roman Empire!! This theme comes complete with Lights, Music, Decor, and even a Free Gift! Since Themed Transportation is a new service to Las Vegas, reservations fill up quickly so Contact Us Today by using the form below.

Carpe Noctem!! Seize The Night!!

Here is a Preview of the Music you will hear during your Caesars Palace Time Warp

3200 Years Ago   James Horner, Tanja Tzarovska

Troy       James Horner, Tanja Tzarovska

#1 Crush    Garbage

 Shakespeare    Robin Williams

Centuries    Fall Out Boy


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