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Circus Circus was opened on October 18, 1968 by Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin, becoming the flagship casino for Circus Circus Enterprises. We all Love the Circus, no matter if you are a child or just want to live Forever Young and Never Grow Up like a ‘Toys or Us’ Kid!! My Favorite Circus movie as a child was Dumbo so of course, Inspired by Dumbo, Willy Wonka, and other Circus Favorites this theme comes complete with Lights, Music, Decor, and even a Free Gift! Since Themed Transportation is a new service to Las Vegas, reservations fill up quickly so Contact Us Today by using the form below.

Here is a Preview of the Music you will hear while creating your very own Circus Circus Parade

Entry of The Gladiators   The Big Top Orchestra

Circus    Eric Clapton

The Circus is in Town    Patton Oswalt

Circus    Britney Spears


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