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On June 19, 1990, Circus Circus Enterprises constructed Excalibur as the largest hotel in the world, with over 4,000 rooms, covering over 70 acres. In the 1990’s, I remember going here as a child and LOVING IT because they had the best arcade in Las Vegas! If you want to go back in time to the days of Castles, Wizards, and The Almighty Sword of King Arthur, Excalibur. This theme comes complete with Lights, Music, Decor, and even a Free Gift! Since Themed Transportation is a new service to Las Vegas, reservations fill up quickly so Contact Us Today by using the form below.

Here is a Preview of the Music you will hear during your Excalibur Time Warp

Castles in The Sky   Ian Van Dahl, Marsha

Sword and The Stone   Octopus

The Spirit of Excalibur   Enald

Merlin The Magician   Rick Wakeman


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