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On January 3, 1997, the $460 million New York New York Hotel Casino was opened to the public employing 2,100 people. Included in this mini-new New York are 12 hotel towers extending 47 stories and 529 feet, approximately one-third the actual size of New York City architecture. New York New York, oh how we love you!! You’ve got the Rockettes, Giants, Jets, Mets, Knicks, Yankees, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Studio 54 and More. In a ‘New York State of Mind’ yet? If not, don’t worry cause we will be there in a ‘New York Minute’!! This theme comes complete with Lights, Music, Decor, and even a Free Gift! Since Themed Transportation is a new service to Las Vegas, reservations fill up quickly so Contact Us Today by using the form below.

Here is a Preview of the Music you will hear as you Get Lost in The Hustle & Bustle of New York

On Broadway    George Benson

New York State of Mind    Billy Joel

Seinfeld            TV Theme Song (minus the Soup Natzi)

Friends             TV Theme Song

New York City     Chainsmokers

Rent Movie Soundtrack


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