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My name is Troy Waggoner, the lead creator behind Nocturnal Vegas! So, you are curious of how Nocturnal Vegas was created and the story behind if! True, why would someone spend 50+ hours a week making just another Vegas website. Unless, they have a deeper connection to Las Vegas, a heartfelt connection. Here is the story of how I became the creator of a town called Nocturnal Vegas. Well, I’ll give you the short story and then a link if you’d like to find out more. Back in the 1950s Vintage Vegas, my parents met here in Las Vegas at a UNLV bonfire. or…. back then it might have still been Southern Nevada University. Back then there were only around 30,000 people living in the Las Vegas valley.  Wow!! 600,000 less then we have now.  Also, my older brother, Neal, and older sister, Branda, were born here in the early 1970s.  I don’t remember many of their stories about how it was to be a kid here in Vegas back then.  I do remember a story about some smashed peas inside of a napkin because the nuns at their pre-school tried to make them eat them everyday! No Thank You!! Also, I remember hearing about one time that it was so hot they fried an egg on the sidewalk!!

A short time before I was born in 1980, my family moved to Dallas, Texas where I was born.  We all grew up there through our middle school and high school years in a small town named Allen, Texas (30 miles north of Dallas). No, not Arlen (as in King of The Hill) and my parents are not Ma & Pa Kettle either! We would spend our summer vacations visiting Las Vegas.  I LOVED THE ARCADES back then. Excalibur had the best one!!  However, MGM Grand Adventures was also a fun time! Oh yea, also the New York New York roller coaster had already been built as well. As my brother and sister got older, they moved back here to Las Vegas.  By that time, it was in the mid 1990’s. The years where we could buy Homies at the gas station and listen to Westside Connection, which I did when visiting my brother!  As far as casino work, my sister worked at The Stardust and my brother at one time worked at Treasure Island as a Pirate Argh!! j/k.  Both Neal & Branda also graduated from UNLV! Go Rebels!! Sink them in The Shark Tank!! That’s what we all used to call Thomas & Mack Arena because of Coach Jerry Tarkanian. My brother and & I even went to the home game where they dedicated the court to Tarkanian. I believe I still even have the towel!.

While Branda was at UNLV she met her husband who is also originally from the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex. After UNLV they moved to Seattle, had my niece Kathleen and my nephew Zachary (has my middle name), then they moved down to New Mexico and up to Boston, MA where they are presently living. My brother stayed living here in Las Vegas and had my other niece Dylan.  in 2001, my parents moved to Laughlin, NV which is 1 1/2 hours south of Las Vegas.  So…. after I graduated from University of North Texas it only seemed right to move out to Nevada. Plus I had spent the last 6 months thinking of how it would be to live in Vegas. Mostly due to Paul Oakenfold’s TV show titled, ‘The Club’. I go into more detail about my club life in this article.

As you can see, my family and Las Vegas go hand in hand and THAT IS MY REASON FOR DOING THIS! I’m not sure if I just feel that I owe it to them or actually to Las Vegas, or if by doing this it helps me feel closer to my family, or just the Fact THAT I LOVE ALL OF LAS VEGAS!! Vegas is more than Nightclubs and Strip Clubs!  It also has never truly been introduced to the Las Vegas Hospitality Industry. During 2016 – 2017, I drove Uber up until the day that I didn’t!! Literally that is how it happened!! No Warning, No Assistance, Nothing!! This sent me through a wide range of emotions… Confusion, Hate, Depression, etc. While I drove for Uber, I had a 4.89 Rating and several Good Reviews!  If you would like more information on the reason why, Feel Free to Ask.  I hope to one day be able to speak to the youth here and help change lives with what I went through.

At the same time, Uber was also a blessing.  It enabled me to produce the creativity which led to Vegas Themed Transportation! I started with Halloween of 2017 and yes, it felt awkward at first but passengers really enjoyed it so then I did a Christmas Theme! When our Golden Knights clenched the playoffs I had to put people in Team Spirit!! Same thing with our Aces, Lights, and soon to be Raiders. Driving for Uber also enabled me to ask passengers how they enjoyed the themes which I would make and through conversation with them, it enabled me to have this new business idea. I now truly feel as though I am on my way to living a life which is aligned with my purpose. Many know this as being your True, Authentic Self!! My Bachelor’s in Theater Arts is going to pay off after all!! Most importantly, I will be able to show my city off to the world and I can’t wait. Paris and New York don’t have anything on Las Vegas! I almost forgot to mention that my ultimate dream with this is to catch the attention of Pasquale Rotella, Owner of Insomniac, (you know, the company that throws a little party of 1/2 million people EDM Ravers known as the ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL).

If you, in fact, did read this to the end I applaud you and hope to hear from you soon!! If you wouldn’t mind, take a couple minutes to browse around our website and shoot me a text to let me know which theme is your Favorite Nocturnal Adventure!!

Speak with you soon!!

Troy Waggoner

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With the owner being a Raver at Heart, Nocturnal Vegas’ Core Values are: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect! We should all strive to express these values each and every day. It is our Goal to Add Value to each and every one of your lives.