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‘Mother, mother ocean, we have heard your call. Wanted to sail upon your waters since we were 3 feet tall. You’ve watched the men who rode you switch from sails to steam. And in your belly you hold the treasures few have ever seen. Most of them dream, most of them dream. Yes we are pirates, two hundred years too late.’ – Jimmy Buffet
Although, Treasure Island no longer has the Pirate Show out front, you can now be engulfed in your own personal Pirate Ship!! This theme comes complete with Lights, Music, Decor, and even a Free Gift! Since Themed Transportation is a new service to Las Vegas, reservations fill up quickly so Contact Us Today by using the form below.

Here is a Preview of the Music you will hear as you Ride Along As a Pirate

Pirates of The Carribean     Soundtrack

CutThroat Island     Soundtrack

Jaws     Soundtrack

Hook     Soundtrack

A Pirate Looks At Forty      Jimmy Buffet


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